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Creating a bright future for Nicaraguan youths

Non-profit registration number in the USA: 46-2416766. 
Donations are tax deductible.

The Nicavangelists

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Thank you for partnering with The Nicavangelists! We work to be a part of the solution for at-risk Nicaraguan youths and we can ONLY do this because of YOU! Donations to Capital on the Edge support a diverse range of programs assisting in creating a bright future for Nicaraguan Youths. 

The Nicavangelists’ Partnership Program

By partnering with a Nicaraguan youth on a monthly basis, you’ll be providing them with food, housing, clothing, an education and an opportunity to share their hope and talents with the world.

Each dollar you give goes directly to a Nicavangelists candidate, and their responsibility is to strive for excellence in The Nicavangelists program and correspond with you on a monthly basis.

All fully sponsored Nicavangelists candidates are enrolled in The Nicavangelists Talent Development Program and an online American School. The monthly cost for each candidate is $300 and you can choose to co-partner ($25, $50 or $100) or fully partner an individual candidate.

For further information, please contact The Nicavangelists today via facebook, e-mail ([email protected]), the form below, or by calling 1 (585) 617-9340.

Nicavangelists Partnership Candidates


The first ever child to be enrolled in The Nicavangelists Talent Development Program, Myron is proof of the pudding! He’s a young man who’s shown great commitment, perseverance and progress in all aspects of his personal development over the years. He is definitely NOT a sheep. 

Myron has two sisters and a loving mum. Myron's father left the family when he was just a little boy and his new father has been a poor example too.

Middleport, New York ($50 per month)
Myron is still in need of partners...

The Nicavangelitos Day-Camp Program

The Nicavangelitos Day-Camp is offered to impoverished kids & teenagers from Barrio Loco in Managua, Nicaragua. The youth are given nutritious meals, small group devotions, classes in Tricking (gymnastics) & Bboy (breakdance), plus fun games to play. At the end of each camp the Nicavangelitos go on “outreach” in Nicaragua, sharing their hope and talents with others.

The Nicavangelists’ national leadership team are the leaders of the Nicavangelitos Day-Camp troupe. Young Nicaraguan men (And one Aussie gal) lead younger Nicaraguan men, helping them to find purpose for their lives, a brighter future, and talents they never knew they possessed!

Please consider supporting The Nicavangelitos Day-Camp program. We are seeking partnerships so that we can facilitate transport, meals, personal growth sessions, games, musical & sporting activities, etc. Only with your help can this worthy venture truly take-off and service the hundreds of kids who are in desperate need.

To partner, please CLICK HERE or set-up a monthly payment plan through Paypal link at the bottom of this page, or contact The Nicavangelists directly ([email protected]). Ideally, monthly partnerships of $10, $25, or $50 per month would be most beneficial.

3. Christmas Drive

It’s the children that suffer! Each Christmas help us bring a bright future to each and every child in Barrio Loco during the months of November and December. The Nicavangelists purchase toys, food and vitamins for the thousands of damaged lives that live just down the street from The Nicavangelists in “crazy town.” 

Donations of $50 provide a COMPLETE Christmas for an entire family. Just imagine the joy…

For further information and to donate, please CLICK HERE or contact The Nicavangelists via facebook, e-mail ([email protected]), the form below, or telephone (585 617-9340)

4. One-off Gifts

The Nicavangelists have one-off expenses and need additional partnership to help in managing these costs... (Government documentation, emergency funding to needy families, travel expenses, etc.)

Capital on the Edge, Inc. is an American non-profit organization (46-2416766).

Partnership Practicalities

Funds may be directly deposited into The Nicavangelists’ Bank of America account and you will be sent a tax statement at the end of each financial year.


1. Account Name: Capital on the Edge, Inc.

2. Bank: Bank of America

3. Routing Number: 021000322

4. Account Number: 483053340279

For your convenience, there is a link to paypal at the top and bottom of this page. Click on the link "Donate" and follow the instructions. Both credit and debit cards are accepted. 

Checks are also accepted. Please make your check out to “Capital on the Edge, Inc.” and write "Nicavangelists" on the memo line. Send checks to:

Capital on the Edge

C/- Shane Seaburg

142 Christina Drive

North Chili, NY, 14514

For Australians, you may deposit directly into an Australian account (Though please note, your gift is not tax deductible. 


1. Account Name: Jed & Elizabeth Brien

2. Bank: St. George Bank (Hyperdome Shopping Centre,  Anketell St & Pitman St, Tuggeranong ACT 2900)

3. BSB #: 112-908

4. Account Number: 068360563

For non-American citizens, please contact The Nicavangelists directly, as there is also a method for you to give.

Many thanks for your assistance, we couldn't do what we do without you!

The Nicavangelists