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The Nicavangelists

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Jonny came to the Capital Edge Community Center at the invitation of his friends who were already in the Nicavangelists' troupe. Jonny is a marvellous chap who loves life and wants more out of it. He comes from Barrio Villa Reconciliación, a rather dangerous part of Managua, and he has hair-raising stories to tell about life on his side of town.

Jonny is a talented, sensational teacher and is the Nicavangelists' choreographer. He is an inspiration to the other boys, and always takes the helm when there is a leadership opportunity. Jonny has been on every tour with the Nicavangelists and has played the roles of "Bad Fella" and "Humanity." Jonny is the youngest of three children and has an 8th grade education. It is his desire to one day start a dance studio for the poor.


Jason comes from a home with significant domestic abuse. Jason's dad was unfaithful to his mother, fathering many children with other women, and left the family before Jason was born. Jason's family is extremely impoverished, and at times they have gone without food for days and have always suffered with malnutrition. Jason's mum has been consistently sick over the years. Jason started using drugs at 14 years of age, but with the help of his mum, managed to kick the habit and finish his high school education. In fact, he is the only Nicavangelist to accomplish this goal. He has had some hiccups along the way, but he is consistently bettering himself as he continues with the group. He plays the part of “Humanity” in the production.