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Creating a bright future for Nicaraguan youths

Non-profit registration number in the USA: 46-2416766. 
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The Nicavangelists

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Jed Brien

Jed, born to Congregational pastors in Sydney's south-eastern suburbs, spent most of his childhood in Sydney and then Canberra (Australia), as his parents were missionaries with Youth With A Mission.

Jed was home-schooled for the most part, and then in 1995 completed a Higher School Certificate through Blacktown College, and it was at this time he started attending Hills Christian Life Center (the Hillsong Church). It was at the Hillsong Church where Jed began to feel a "call" to the full time service of others.

Jed completed a DTS (Discipleship Training School) through YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Sydney, and was sent out to work with youth in Latin America through ACC.   Since then, The Nicavangelists were formed under the Umbrella of Capital on the Edge, an American non-profit charged with taking in kids from Nicaraguan streets and helping them to realise a bright future.

Jed is the director of the Nicavangelists.

Shane Seaburg

Shane is married to Jenny, and they have 4 terrific kids. Shane lives and works in Rochester, New York, and is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Shane has a remarkable history of leadership.
Shane has been actively involved with the Nicavangelists' since 2012. Shane's family have hosted the Nicavangelists Troupe in their New York home for 3 weeks in 2013 whilst the troupe toured Western New York. Shane has visited Nicaragua - working alongside the Nicavangelists, and he has personally supported this work with his own resources. Shane serves on the Nicavangelists' board as Treasurer, and we value him because of his integrity, forthrightness, compassion and commitment to each and every Nicaraguan we bring into the fold. 

Nick Rogers

Nick is a phenomenal man who is married to an amazing woman, Sharon. He holds a Bachelor of Theater Production from Calvin College and an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Nick has worked in Rochester's premium theater, Geva, but his curriculum vitae does not end there. He writes and produces his own plays, and acts and sings as well. Nick has lead multiple productions at The Father's House (one of America's largest churches) and is currently on the board of Blackfriars Theatre, a company focussed on producing high-end, quality plays. We are incredibly lucky to have Nick on the Nicavangelists' board, as he is a determined, positive, fun ol' fella, with a can-do attitude.  


(Mumma) Marsha is a decorated English Teacher from New York. Marsha was a substitute mother to Jed when he was studying cross-institutionally at the State University of New York in 2001. She has an awesome family including the legacy of an awesome husband (who is now celebrating up above), sons, daughters, in-laws and too many (to mention here) grandchildren. Marsha is the co-director of the Nicavangelists' educational program, a mentor to our female population, an awesome speaker, and an adviser/mentor for Jed. 


Greg has served with YWAM, as a Congregational minister, as the director of an international school, a chaplain, and most recently as a school accreditor with the Global Accreditation Association. Greg is the co-director of the Nicavangelists' educational program.  


Kay has served with YWAM, is an itinerant speaker, a chaplain and most recently has worked as a field worker with Rescue Net, serving in Indonesia and Haiti after natural disasters devastated these countries. Kay assists with logistics and chaplaincy of the Nicavangelists.