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Creating a bright future for Nicaraguan youths

The Nicavangelists' Compound

Managua, Managua Department, Nicaragua
The Nicavangelists' compound is a slice of Heaven located 1/2 an hour's drive from Managua's CBD. Easy to catch a bus & then moto-taxi to ($1 from CBD), or a cab ($8 from CBD). The Nicavangelists' ...
The Nicavangelists' compound is a slice of Heaven located 1/2 an hour's drive from Managua's CBD. Easy to catch a bus & then moto-taxi to ($1 from CBD), or a cab ($8 from CBD). The Nicavangelists' compound is a training center for young Nica-performers (Gymnastics, martial arts, bboy) who travel throughout Central & North America. The security guard is a former Nica-champion bodybuilder. We're basic, but you'll be welcome, safe & have fun! Guides available for $20 per day.
Located on the outskirts of beautiful Managua, just up the hill towards El Crucero and near the infamous Pan American Highway (Close to Km 12 Carretera Vieja a Leon & Km 12 Carretera Sur), you'll find The Nicavangelists' Compound.

Folks in this semi-rural barrio (Cedro Galan) get around on their feet, horseback, on the back of an oxe-drawn cart, or inside a moto-taxi. If you smile and say hello, everyone you meet will return the favour.

The space

Inside the Compound? Lie in a hammock by the pool, or take a stroll through the orchard, mi casa es tu casa. Serenity now! Our home is generally very quiet, and the only thing you'll hear from within our walls are nature and farm animals.

However, from mid-November until mid-January and from mid-May until early July, The Nicavangelists are home from tour and the house will be teeming with life!

Watch as the Nicaraguan youths practice their Tricking (gymnastics combined with martial arts) or Bboy (breakdancing) routines, or interact with them as they joke around.

Life in The Nicavangelists' Compound is about doing your best and encouraging others to do the same. You can totally be a part of the gang or just do your own thing. Either way, the troupe will be accepting and respectful, you'll not be bothered by anyone.

Guest access

The Nicavangelists’ Compound has a casa grande (Spanish design large house) and a casa pequeña (little house). The casa pequeña has a common bathroom, a small living space and 2 guest bedrooms.

The casa grande has 5 guest bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There is a kitchen, 2 living spaces and 2 porch areas which is where The Nicavangelists do most of their “living” (Eating, socialising, etc.). There is also an atrium. The laundry is outside under a roof, where you may handwash your clothes or put them through the machine.

The Nicavangelists’ compound features a swimming pool and outside bathroom/bbq area. There property also has a 4 space sheltered carpark. The property is a few acres, and you are welcome to visit any part of it, day or night, except for other guest bedrooms.

Interaction with guests

The host, Jed, is available to you 24/7 when he is at home. However, when Jed is on tour/outreach with the Nicavangelists troupe, Shamyr, the Nicavangelists’ compound is available to you 24/7.

Shamyr is a boy from the country, and is married to Angelica. They have 2 sons. Shamyr grew up during the war, and has been Nicaragua’s champion bodybuilder. Shamyr is a fun guy, and will help with just about anything. If you need Shamyr to act as a tour guide, this can be arranged directly with him, for $20 per day, though you will need to pay for his travel and meals too. Shamyr is learning English and does a very good job communicating and is patient and helpful if you're learning Spanish.

The neighborhood

The Nicavangelists’ barrio is like stepping into the Nicaraguan countryside, but is physically located on Managua’s doorstep. The locals tend to be more reserved and religious than Managua’s city folk. They will always respond to a friendly wave, but will never initiate it – and can even look disgruntled until spoken to. The youth in the barrio are different, however. They tend to be cheeky and a lot of fun.

Folks are either subsistance farmers, labourers, factory workers, with just a few travelling to Managua for work/university.

Meals can be organised with Shamyr at $5 per plate (Gallo Pinto (rice&beans), salad, and a small piece of chicken). We drink city water, though water bottles/soft drinks/beer are available at $2 per bottle/can.

The closest restaurants/street food/supermarkets are several kms away, and so you will need to leave by 4pm in order to walk/catch a moto-taxi. You will be able to catch a moto-taxi at night from Carretera Sur.

There are local churches everywhere and one park down in the center of Cedro Galan, right next to the park. Managua is HOT, and so folks generally come out to play in the eve of the early evening. You are safe to walk down to Cedro Galan until about 8pm. At this time, people begin to drink and fool around, and it can be unpleasant and even dangerous to be away from The Nicavangelists' Compound at this time.

Getting around

You are safe to travel during the day, though it is best not to travel alone. At night time, as in the rest of Nicaragua, gangs are ever present. It is important to travel in larger groups when on foot, or travel in a taxi with at least one buddy. Make sure, before getting into a taxi, that you check the window identification picture and the driver’s face.

The cost to get into Managua one-way during the day, via moto-taxi and bus is approximately $1. The same same trip in a taxi is $8 (The price for a taxi doubles at night). To hire Shamyr (Manager), you can pay him $20 directly, plus gas, and he will act as your taxi/tour guide for the day.

Taxis run 24/7, but moto-taxis only operate during daylight.

Other things to note

Mi casa es tu casa. The Nicavangelists’ most important rule is that you make yourself feel at home and do whatever you please.

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