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Creating a bright future for Nicaraguan youths

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The Nicavangelists

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The Nicavangelists' model of training is for everyone to help another. We are all being trained and we are all training. Initially, Capital on the Edge brought in older teens. Now we are beginning to bring in younger teens, and the young men are in turn training the newer Nicavangelists Troupe members.


Myron was our very first next generation Troupe member to join the Nicavangelists. Myron is from Barrio Loco, which is located near Capital Edge Community Center. His father is an alcoholic and left the family when Myron was very young. After a time away his father came home and more domestic violence filled Myron's life. Myron has played the roles of "son" and a "bad fella" in our street theatre production. 


Eduardo entered the Nicavangelists Troupe a wee bit earlier than expected. He had been accepted into the group, however was meant to commence at a later date, but due to another member not being able to travel, Eduardo received his plane ticket.

Eduardo lives with his grandmother and uncle. He was given away by his mother when he was just seven years old, because he was thieving from houses, using drugs and participating in gang activity. Eduardo's grandmother reclaimed him after just a couple of years, and we were so impressed by Eduardo's zest for life that we just had to take him. Eduardo's role is "humanity" in our street theater production.

Further information

There are 12 children currently enrolled in the Nicavangelists' program. If you would like more information, please contact us.