Capital on the Edge +

Creating a bright future for Nicaraguan youths

Kids, teenagers, youth... 
living in poverty, forced into prostitution, fighting for survival in gangs... 
the fatherless, the orphaned, the rejected and abused... 
each one is special and possesses potential for greatness.

Capital on the Edge, a non profit organisation, utilises a holistic approach, assisting young Nicaraguans in their life’s journey, encouraging them to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Capital on the Edge takes in at-risk youths from the streets of Managua into a talent-development-program, “the Nicavangelists.” In this program, they are given food, housing, clothing, an education and the chance to develop skills in performance arts. The Nicavangelists seek to create a bright future for these incredibly gifted youths by giving them opportunities to share their talents and culture with the world. The name, “the Nicavangelists,” was created by the youths in our talent-development-program.

Those who excel in the Nicavangelists program are given the chance to leave our center in Managua and tour abroad, performing a 40 minute long, street theatre production, CREATED. 
To-date, the Nicavangelists have travelled to and performed in Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala and the USA.

Created is the story of hope realised. We are all born into a specific context and it is our choices that ultimately determine our future happiness. CREATED utilises many different genres of music, from acid jazz, to heavy metal, punk rock, classical, charted hits, and of course, Latino music. Dance genres include Nicaraguan folk dancing, salsa, bachata, bboy, tricking (gymnastics) and modern.

The Nicavangelists seek to train up young Nicaraguans who can be proponents for change in a country desperately in need. The Nicavangelists are trained to be a great example and to lead others in the troupe. Older youths teach the younger and everybody works together in order to realise our goals.

In the last 100 years, Nicaragua has experienced devastating natural disasters, a 10 year civil war, different political models, etc. Through this difficult time, Nicaraguan culture has been depleted. The Nicavangelists desire to showcase Nicaraguan culture, through their street theatre production, and perform the Palo de Mayo as a core component. The Palo de Mayo is distinctly Nicaraguan, and highlights the beauty and culture of Nicaragua.

However, we need your help. Please consider supporting the Nicavangelists today. Your donation makes it possible for this troupe's mission to be realised. Your gift helps us to show compassion to the poorest of Latino children, who would otherwise not realise their full potential. 

Thank you for investing in the hearts and lives of young Nicaraguans.